Let’s do some cooking…

Before I start loading you with tons of recipes, let me briefly dive into my cooking philosophy. If there is such a thing as my cooking philosophy… I just try to work my recipes around three basic rules. My food is supposed to be…

… Seasonal




Eating seasonably is amazing both for you and environment. Seasonable produce has a lower impact on the environment as it can (and should) grow without artificial supplements and fertilizers. You obviously get better taste and better quality with seasonal food.

The food that has to travel from far away when it’s out of season where you live, it’s picked before it’s ready, so it can still look fresh when it reaches a grocery store. That’s why it’s not at the peak of its flavor when you eat it. It also means that it lacks vitamins and minerals. Why? It didn’t get enough sun and enough nutrients from the soil.

Food that travels is also much more expensive because of the number of people involved in packaging and shipping processes.


To choose organic is crucial. Organic food is not treated with harmful chemicals and has more nutrients than non-organic produce. Read more about why you should eat organic in this post.



Real food, for me, means food in the most natural state. Whole food. 

I really like to keep it simple. I use herbs and spices when I cook. I try, however, to avoid all these low-temperature, dehydrated, low-sodium, and God knows what else reduced crisps.

They’re very popular now in all these ‘healthy’ shops and cafes… claimed to be so good for you. But if you think how many stages this food has to go through, it’s very unlikely that it still has all this goodness mentioned on the package.

I generally dislike almost all food that comes in a box, jar, tin or bottle, has more than 2 or 3 ingredients or ingredients generated by humans.

Of course, I understand that I live in the real world. Although I’m trying to improve this reality by growing organic fruits and vegetables and by supporting local organic producers, I do consume ingredients that sometimes don’t comply with all above listed requirements.

Sometimes you simply can’t find out where the food came from, especially when eating out. Regarding the gastronomic experience, you’re sometimes only guessing what is on your plate. Eating organic and healthy when travelling also can be tricky. Tricky, but not impossible. Nothing is impossible.

With time, you’ll learn where and when to buy organic food. You’ll also learn how to find healthy and organic food when travelling. All it takes is just to be slightly pickier when choosing markets, groceries stores or places to eat out.

The main idea is to change the mindset from

‘choosing dish – buying necessary ingredients – cooking ’


‘picking seasonal food – cooking a dish based on what is available’

This is actually what I will be doing here. All my recipes are plant-based and created using only seasonal ingredients, so you can get the most out of the food you eat.

 Bon Appetite!

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